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Resources For Teachers

Ideas for using the Cleveland Schools Book Fund Resources

Ideas For Home

Ideas for growing readers at home

“Thank you again for all of the wonderful books and other materials the Cleveland Schools Book Fund provided to my scholars over the years. The impact of the Book Fund on the lives of the scholars and their families cannot be overstated. The professional development you provide is excellent. The Cleveland Schools Book Fund is the one teaching resource I value and will miss the most.”

— Sue Haag, Retired CMSD Educator

Teacher Enrichment

Click on the link below to register for our upcoming CMSD teacher enrichment program. Designed for teachers in grades PreK - 4.

Books We Love

Click here for home and school activities to deepen student connections with high-quality books.

Adapting to COVID-19

Cleveland School Book Fund is here to support CMSD teachers and students. Click here for COVID-19 book ideas for PreK - 4.

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