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3rd Hardback Book List

3rd Hardback Book List

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EANAuthorTitlePublisherPub DateLexileAnnotation
9780400000000DePaola, Tomie26 Fairmount AvenueG. P. Putnam's Sons4/5/99640Tomie dePaola's stories from the momentous year his family built their new house at 26 Fairmount Avenue highlight his wit; sense of humor; and strong family bonds. The book earned raves from reviewers of all ages and a Newbery Honor award.
9780150000000Carroll, LewisAlice's Adventures in WonderlandPuffin Books10/27/15860This year; that curious; hallucinating heroine Alice; friend of Cheshire cats and untimely rabbits; is turning 150 years old And what a perfect match; in tone and whimsy; found in Rifle Paper Co. s Anna Bond. Vanity Fair
Publishers are having a creative field day with stunningly beautiful new covers and lovely insides; too; in the case of Puffin s whimsical Alice s Adventures in Wonderland; illustrated by Rifle Paper Co. s Anna Bond. En
9780690000000Parish, PeggyAmelia Bedelia Goes CampingGreenwillow Books3/18/85380The Rogers family takes America's most popular housekeeper camping. "No child can resist Amelia and her literal trips through the minefield of the English language--and no adult can fail to notice that she's usually right when she's wrong."--NewYork Times Book Review.
9780060000000Parish, HermanAmelia Bedelia, BookwormGreenwillow Books8/12/03290The literal-minded housekeeper causes chaos at her local library when she stops by to help the librarian.;Ages 5 up--Dust jacket.
9780430000000Dahl, RoaldTwitsPuffin Books9/5/17Originally published: London: Cape; 1980.
9780060000000Florian, DouglasAutumnblingsGreenwillow Books8/5/03These 29 poems about autumn are illustrated with Florian's signature watercolors and celebrate everything the season stands for. (Ages 4-8)
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Babymouse #8: Puppy LoveRandom House Books for Young Readers12/26/07440When Goldy #5 goes belly-up; Babymouse is dead set against owning "another dumb fish." Mom vetoes a puppy; so Babymouse settles for a hamster instead. In record time; Hammy escapes. (His new owner; uh; left his cage open.) Hammy is soon followed by a turtle; a ferret; a salamander; and so on -- and all vamoose with lightning speed. Where; oh where; have they gone? Babymouse never finds out; but readers do; thanks to the loose-handed; pink-tinged illustration showing the missing animals cavorting
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Babymouse for PresidentRandom House Books for Young Readers7/10/12510When Babymouse decides to become president of the student council; she learns that there is more to running for office than being famous and in charge.
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Babymouse Goes for the GoldRandom House Books for Young Readers4/12/16500Brother-and-sister team MATTHEW HOLM and JENNIFER L. HOLM are the creators of the Babymouse series and the Squish series. Jennifer is the author of many acclaimed novels; including The Fourteenth Goldfish and three Newbery Honor winners; Our Only May Amelia; Penny from Heaven; and Turtle in Paradise. Matthew Holm is a graphic designer and freelance writer. To find out more; visit
9780760000000Dicamillo, KateBecause of Winn-Dixie Signature Edition (Signature)Candlewick Press (MA)10/26/10670Ten-year-old India Opal Buloni describes her first summer in the town of Naomi; Florida; and all the good things that happen to her because of her big ugly dog Winn-Dixie.
9780550000000Davies, JacquelineBell BanditHoughton Mifflin5/1/12730When siblings Jessie and Evan (The Lemonade War; 2007; and The Lemonade Crime; 2011) accompany their mother on the time-honored midwinter holiday visit to their grandmother's home in the mountains; the changes are alarming. Fire damage to the house and Grandma's inability to recognize Evan are as disquieting as the disappearance of the iron bell; hung long ago by their grandmother on Lowell Hill and traditionally rung at the New Year. Davies keeps a tight focus on the children: Points of view sw
9780060000000Peirce, LincolnBig Nate Blasts OffBalzer & Bray/Harperteen2/16/16460Text and illustrations on lining papers.
9780060000000Peirce, LincolnBig Nate Flips OutHarperCollins2/5/13420Praise for BIG NATE: IN A CLASS BY HIMSELF: What carries the day are the zany illustrations and unflagging enthusiasm of Nate himself. --Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books"
9780060000000Peirce, LincolnBig Nate Goes for BrokeHarperCollins3/20/12450Praise for BIG NATE: IN A CLASS BY HIMSELF: What carries the day are the zany illustartions and unflagging enthusiasm of Nate Himself. --Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books"
9780060000000Peirce, LincolnBig Nate Lives It UpBalzer & Bray/Harperteen3/10/15520What carries the day are the zany illustrations and unflagging enthusiasm of Nate himself. --Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books"
9780060000000Peirce, LincolnBig Nate on a RollHarperTorch8/16/11440Praise for BIG NATE: IN A CLASS BY HIMSELF: Though Nate may not achieve the fame he seeks with his classmates; this sharp-witted and unflappable protagonist just might find it with readers. --Publishers Weekly"
9780060000000Peirce, LincolnBig Nate: In the ZoneHarperCollins3/11/14470Nate's not having the best of luck--in fact; he's not having ANY luck. But with a little boost thanks to Chad's lucky foot; suddenly good luck is everywhere Nate turns. Nate's in the zone. But how long will it last?
9780060000000Arnold, Elana K.Boy Called BatWalden Pond Press3/14/17760When his veterinarian mom brings home a stray baby skunk that needs rehabilitation before it can be placed in a wild animal shelter; Bat; who has autism; resolves to prove that he's up to the challenge of caring for the skunk permanently.
9780620000000Sweet, MelissaBoy Who Drew Birds: A Story of John James AudubonHoughton Mifflin9/27/04790Though best known for his precise ornithological paintings; Audubon was also distinguished for scientific curiosity; as dramatized in this slightly fictionalized account of an incident from the French teenager's earliest time in the United States. No one knew in the early 1800s what became of songbirds in the winter; scientists' unfounded theories included Aristotle's guess that they "hibernated under water;" while some of Audubon's contemporaries "believed that birds transformed from one kind i
9780550000000Nobleman, Marc TylerBrave Like My BrotherScholastic Press6/28/16770When Charlie's older brother Joe is called up in 1942; Charlie learns about the tedium and dangers of war through Joe's letters--and his brother's bravery in dealing with a spy as D-Day approaches; finally gives Charlie the strength to stand up to the local bully.
9781420000000Howe, JamesBunnicula Meets Edgar Allan CrowSimon & Schuster10/1/06670The Monroe house is going mad with excitement. Pete has just won a contest; and the prize is a school visit from none other than M. T. Graves; Pete's idol and the bestselling author of the FleshCrawlers series. He's even going to stay with the Monroes while he's visiting! Harold and Howie are thrilled; but Chester the cat is suspicious. Why does Graves dress all in black? Why doesn't the beady-eyed crow perched on his shoulder say anything? Why has a threatening flock of crows invaded the backya
9780690000000Howe, JamesBunnicula Strikes Again!Atheneum Books9/1/99860When Bunnicula the rabbit starts acting strangely; the Monroe dogs and cat renew their suspicions that he is a vampire.
9780690000000Howe, DeborahBunnicula: A Rabbit Tale of MysteryAtheneum Books for Young Readers3/1/79700Though scoffed at by Harold the dog; Chester the cat tries to warn his human family that their foundling baby bunny must be a vampire.;Ages 8-12.
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Burns RubberRandom House Books for Young Readers1/12/10510NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and Newbery Honor winning author Jennifer Holm teams up with Matthew Holm to bring you a fully illustrated graphic novel series packed with humor and kid appeal--BABYMOUSE!

With multiple Children's Choice awards and over 1.7 million books in print; kids; parents; and teachers agree that Babymouse is perfect for fans of Junie B. Jones; Ivy and Bean; Big Nate; Dork Diaries; and the Ramona chapter books!

Babymouse's big dreams of becoming a race car driver come t

9780620000000Krommes, BethButterfly Eyes and Other Secrets of the MeadowHoughton Mifflin9/1/061020The Newbery Honor winner Joyce Sidman is today's foremost nature poet for children. Accolades for her books include two Caldecott Honors; a Lee Bennet Hopkins Award; winner of the Claudia Lews Award; and many stars and best of lists. For her award-winning body of work; she won the Award for Excellence in Poetry for Children. She lives in Wayzata; Minnesota. Visit
9780540000000Davies, JacquelineCandy SmashHoughton Mifflin1/8/13730Twins Evan and Jessie approach Valentine's Day as differently as they approach everything else. Evan writes poetry (though he's afraid of admitting that to anyone) and Jessie puts her scientific mind to work solving a classroom Valentine mystery. The Lemonade War series' fourth book captures the nuances of elementary-school drama and sibling dynamics. School-newspaper excerpts; poetry terms; and famous poems are appended. (Copyright 2013 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserve
9780690000000Howe, JamesCelery Stalks at MidnightAtheneum Books for Young Readers8/1/83670Sequel to: Bunnicula / Deborah Howe and to: Howliday Inn / James Howe.; Chester the cat is more than ever convinced that Bunnicula is a vampire when there is a harvest of white vegetables on the morning after the night that Bunnicula was probably wandering through the neighborhood..
9780430000000Dahl, RoaldCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryPuffin Books9/6/16810Each of five children lucky enough to discover an entry ticket into Mr. Willy Wonka's mysterious chocolate factory takes advantage of the situation in his own way.
9780060000000White, E. B.Charlotte's WebHarperCollins4/10/12680Wilbur; the pig; is desolate when he discovers that he is destined to be the farmer's Christmas dinner until his spider friend; Charlotte; decides to help him.;Newbery Honor Book..
9780980000000Martin, Jacqueline BriggsChef Roy Choi and the Street Food RemixReaders to Eaters4/4/17710The third installment in the Food Heroes series presents Roy Choi and the Los Angeles street-food scene. Breezy text and lively illustrations invite young readers and cooks into the world of the food revolution happening across the country. Locally sourced fresh produce and good cooking are what chef Roy Choi is all about. A formally trained chef who has worked in fancy restaurants; he decided to be a "street cook" serving "outsiders; low-riders; kids; teens; shufflers; and skateboarders." Drawi
9780060000000Williams-Garcia, RitaClayton Byrd Goes UndergroundAmistad Press5/9/17710This slim novel strikes a strong chord. Clayton Byrd revels in playing the blues harp (harmonica) with his grandfather; Cool Papa Byrd; and other blues musicians in New York Cityas Washington Square Park; and he longs to play his own solo: aTwelve bars. That was all.a Cool Papa is Claytonas favorite relative and ally; and his sudden death throws Clayton into an emotional spiral; especially as his motheras unresolved feelings toward her father cause her to sell off his possessions. Newbery Honora
9780400000000Mack, JeffClueless McGeePhilomel Books8/16/12530Through a series of letters to his father; a private investigator; fifth-grader PJ Clueless McGee tells of his efforts to discover who stole macaroni and cheese from the school cafeteria.
9780400000000Mack, JeffClueless McGee and the Inflatable PantsPhilomel Books6/13/13450PJ McGee; PI and secret ninja; gets everything wrong (again) in solving his second case. Mr. Prince the principal thinks fifth-grader PJ McGee spends too much time thinking about ninjas; so he suggests PJ attend "Rocket Science;" a science club run by Mr. Bellum. PJ's none too keen until he learns the club will have a science fair and there will be a prize; a real metal trophy shaped like a rocket ship. PJ successfully knocks out his stiffest competition; Mr. Bellum's daughter Sara; and devises
9780550000000Holm, Jennifer L.Comics Squad #3: Detention!Random House Books for Young Readers7/4/17260Some of the biggest stars in graphic novels contribute to this new collection of quick and funny stories about many kids biggest fear detention! With a disrespectful Greek god; antimatter ooze; bioengineered rats; and a school full of stampeding bulls; it is definitely full of fun! 5 1/2 x 7.
9780550000000Holm, Jennifer L.Comics Squad: Lunch!Random House Books for Young Readers1/26/16380JENNIFER HOLM--Foster City; CA (Babymouse; Squish; New York Times bestseller; three-time Newbery Honor winner; Eisner Award winner)
MATTHEW HOLM--Portland; OR (Babymouse; Squish; Eisner Award winner)
JARRETT J. KROSOCZKA--Northampton; MA (Lunch Lady; Platypus Police Squad; two-time Children's Choice Award winner)
SARA VARON--Brooklyn; NY (illustrator of Cupcake and Odd Duck)
CECIL CASTELLUCCI--Los Angeles (author of Odd Duck)
CECE BELL--Christi
9780390000000Holm, Jennifer L.Comics Squad: Recess!Random House Books for Young Readers7/8/14440JENNIFER HOLM--Foster City; CA (Babymouse; Squish; New York Times Bestseller; 3 time Newbery Honor Winner; Eisner Award Winner) * MATTHEW HOLM--Portland; OR(Babymouse; Squish; Eisner Award Winner) *JARRETT J. KROSOCZKA--Northampton; MA (Lunch Lady; 2 time Children's Choice Award Winner) * DAV PILKEY (Captain Underpants. Ricky Ricotta; Super Diaper Baby; New York Times Bestseller) * DAN SANTAT--Alhambra; CA (New York Times Bestseller; Sidekicks) * RAINA TELGEME
9780400000000Woodson, JacquelineComing on Home SoonG.P. Putnam's Sons Books For Young Readers10/7/04550When Mama goes north to Chicago to earn money while the men are fighting in World War II; Ada Ruth must stay home with Grandma; trying hard to be brave. Story line here is spare; this is all about feelings and relationships; and Woodson's gently evocative words are expressively developed in Lewis's watercolors. Lewis captures both people and place with great warmth and humanity. (Copyright 2005 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780370000000Selden, GeorgeCricket in Times SquareFarrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr)1/1/60780The story of a musical cricket and his friends; a mouse and a cat of real character; who took up their abode in a Times Square newsstand...Most appealing whimsy with beautiful illustrations by Garth Williams. "Starred; School Library Journal""
9780390000000D'Aulaire, IngriD'Aulaire's Book of Greek MythsDoubleday Books for Young Readers9/19/621070INGRI D'AULAIRE and EDGAR PARIN D'AULAIRE first met in Munich; where both were studying art. Ingri had grown up in Norway; Edgar; the son of a noted Italian portrait painter; was born in Switzerland and had lived in Paris and Florence. Shortly after their marriage; they moved to the United States and began to create the picture books that established their reputation as two of the twentieth century's most important children's writers and illustrators. They won the 1940 Caldecott Medal for Abr
9780370000000Steig, WilliamDoctor de SotoFarrar Straus Giroux11/1/82560Frequently reissued with the same ISBN; but with slightly differing bibliographical details.;Dr. De Soto; a mouse dentist; copes with the toothaches of various animals except those with a taste for mice; until the day a fox comes to him in great pain.;Newbery Honor Book; 1983.
9780550000000Pilkey, DavDog ManGraphix8/30/16390What do you get from sewing the head of a smart dog onto the body of a tough police officer? A new superhero from the incorrigible creator of Captain Underpants.Finding a stack of old Dog Man comics that got them in trouble back in first grade; George and Harold decide to craft a set of new(ish) adventures with (more or less) improved art and spelling. These begin with an origin tale ("A Hero Is Unleashed"); go on to a fiendish attempt to replace the chief of police with a "Robo Chief" and then
9781340000000Pilkey, DavDog Man and Cat Kid: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #4)Graphix12/26/17Hot diggity dog! Dog Man; the newest hero from Dav Pilkey; the creator of Captain Underpants; is back and this time he's not alone. The heroic hound with a real nose for justice now has a furry feline sidekick; and together they have a mystery to sniff out!
9780550000000Pilkey, DavDog Man UnleashedGraphix12/27/16320Grades 1-3 Make no bones about it: being the world's greatest cop is tough work. Thankfully for Dog Man; the chief's birthday is almost here; which means a party! Dog Man is in charge of getting the chief a pet fish for a present; but he wreaks such havoc at the pet storeall those bones and balls were irresistible; after allthat the salesman gives him an evil fish with world-dominating aspirations. Meanwhile; criminal cat Petey inadvertently makes an even more dastardly paper version of himself;
9780550000000Pilkey, DavDog Man: A Tale of Two KittiesGraphix8/29/17260In the third installment of this #1 New York Times-bestselling series from the creator of Captain Underpants; Petey the cat's dragged in a tiny bit of trouble--a double in the form of a super-cute kitten. Dog Man will have to work twice as hard to bust these furballs and remain top dog! 5 1/2 x 8 5/16.
9781340000000Pilkey, DavDog Man: Lord of the Fleas: From the Creator of Captain Underpants (Dog Man #5)Graphix8/28/18When a new bunch of baddies bust up the town; Dog Man is called into action -- and this time he isn't alone. With a cute kitten and a remarkable robot by his side; our heroes must save the day by joining forces with an unlikely ally: Petey; the World's Most Evil Cat. But can the villainous Petey avoid vengeance and venture into virtue?
9780690000000Geeslin, CampbellElena's SerenadeAtheneum Books for Young Readers3/1/04650Who ever heard of a girl glassblower?
In Mexico; where the sun is called el sol and the moon is called la luna; a little girl called Elena wants to blow into a long pipe...and make bottles appear; like magic.
But girls can't be glassblowers. Or can they?
Join Elena on her fantastic journey to Monterrey -- home of the great glassblowers! -- in an enchanting story filled with magic realism.
9781420000000Clements, AndrewExtra CreditAtheneum Books for Young Readers6/23/09830The New York Times-bestselling author of Frindle pens a novel about a young girl in the sixth grade who corresponds with children in Afghanistan; and the discoveries they make about their communities and themselves. Illustrations. 160 pp. 5 1/2 x 8 1/4. 125;000 print. Pub. 6/09.
9781480000000Jeter, DerekFair BallSimon & Schuster/Paula Wiseman Books4/18/17730With Paul Mantell. Baseball fans won't care that there's as much moralizing as sports writing in this fourth novel starring Jeter's younger self. This book centers on Derek's jeopardized friendship with teammate Dave due to Dave's parents' prejudice toward the less-well-off; interracial Jeter family. Stiff prose and superficial interpersonal relationships can't tarnish the appeal of Jeter's name on the cover. (Copyright 2017 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780060000000Brown, JeffFlat StanleyHarperCollins1/1/64750Stanley Lambchop is a nice; average boy. He leads a nice; ordinary life. Then one day a bulletin board falls on him and suddenly Stanley is flat.

This turns out to be very interesting. Stanley gets rolled up; mailed; and flown like a kite. He even gets to stop crime. He's flat; but he's a hero.

9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Babymouse #13: Cupcake TycoonRandom House Books for Young Readers9/28/10520When the library is flooded and books are destroyed (accidents happen; Babymouse); the school holds a fundraiser. Babymouse's entrepreneurial spirit (and her competitive streak) emerge as she tries to out-sell Felicia and win the special prize. This graphic novel's plucky heroine; pink-tinted daydreams; and sassy narrator continue to be rich with humor; warmth; and cupcakes. (Copyright 2011 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9781450000000Cousteau/HopkinsonFollow the Moon Home
9780370000000Defelice, Cynthia C.FortFarrar, Straus and Giroux (Byr)5/19/15700Wyatt and Augie; both eleven; decide to spend the last two weeks of their summer building a fort in the woods behind Al s junkyard and on the edge of the park. Once the fort is build; they camp out for a couple of days cooking their own captured food over a campfire; swimming in the river; and feeling incredibly confident and peaceful. The next time they return to their camp; someone has trashed it; probably the local bullies; JR and Morie. Or maybe it was Gerald; who is fifteen; challenged; an
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Fourteenth GoldfishRandom House Books for Young Readers8/26/14550When Ellie?s mother shows up at home one night with an opinionated and curmudgeonly thirteen-year-old boy in tow; there is something familiar about him. Imagine Ellie?s surprise when she learns that boy is Melvin; her grandfather; who has discovered the cure for aging (thanks to a particular species of jellyfish). The cure comes with some catches: despite actually being seventy-six and having two PhDs; Melvin must attend middle school and live with Ellie and her mother (his daughter; with whom h
9781480000000Bryan, AshleyFreedom Over Me: Eleven Slaves, Their Lives and Dreams Brought to Life by Ashley BryanAtheneum Books9/13/16730Using a document from 1828 that lists the value of a U.S. landowner's 11 slaves; Bryan (Sail Away) creates distinct personalities and voices for each; painting their portraits and imagining their dreams. He starts with the wife of the slave owner; who felt her husband was good to their slaves ("He never hired an overseer"). But it's quickly clear that "good" slave ownership is an oxymoron: "I work hard--all profit to the estate;" their cook Peggy observes. Bryan shows that the enslaved ha
9780690000000Clements, AndrewFrindleAtheneum Books for Young Readers10/1/96830With a new afterword by the author--Dust jacket.; When he decides to turn his fifth grade teacher's love of the dictionary around on her; clever Nick Allen invents a new word and begins a chain of events that quickly moves beyond his control.; 8; Ages 8-12--Dust jacket.
9780400000000Graff, LisaGreat Treehouse WarPhilomel Books5/16/17890Winnie's parents are getting divorced; and each is so ferociously dedicated to not allowing the other a second more time with her that they hatch a ludicrous plan that every Wednesday Winnie will live in a treehouse between the two homes. Winnie actually finds the treehouse days to be a respite from the endless competition between her parents; who clearly need some help working out their issues. Indeed; when things become unbearable; Winnie barricades herself up there; joined by her friends; and
9780690000000DemiGreatest PowerMargaret K. McElderry Books3/1/04With striking artwork and a lovely; lyrical text; this companion to the award-winning The Empty Pot searches for an answer to an age-old question and celebrates the power of life. Full color. 40 pp. 10 x 10. Pub. 3/04.
9780690000000Borden, LouiseGreatest Skating Race: A World War II Story from the NetherlandsMargaret K. McElderry Books10/1/04750To be Dutch; Piet's mother says; is "to love skating on our canals [and] to be brave in our hearts." Piet proves both his courage and his speed on ice in the emergency following the arrest of a neighbor caught radioing messages in early 1942. The man's two children will be safer with an aunt in Belgium; Piet; only ten but "a strong skater" with "a quick mind;" will guide them; on skates. The sixteen-kilometer journey is tense: Little Joop tires; they hide from German soldiers; caught; they're sa
9780400000000Vernon, UrsulaHamster Princess: Giant TroubleDial Books5/9/17660Ursula Vernon is a full-time author and illustrator whose work has won a Hugo Award and been nominated for an Eisner. She loves birding; gardening; and spunky heroines; and thinks she would make a terrible princess. Ursula lives with her husband in Pittsboro; North Carolina.
9780800000000Vernon, UrsulaHamster Princess: Harriet the InvincibleDial Books8/18/15810Ursula Vernon is a full-time author and illustrator whose work has won a Hugo award and been nominated for an Eisner. She loves birding; gardening; and spunky heroines; and thinks she would make a terrible princess. Ursula lives with her husband in Pittsboro; North Carolina.
9780800000000Vernon, UrsulaHamster Princess: Of Mice and MagicDial Books3/15/16660Ursula Vernon is a full-time author and illustrator whose work has won a Hugo Award and been nominated for an Eisner. She loves birding; gardening; and spunky heroines; and thinks she would make a terrible princess. Ursula lives with her husband in Pittsboro; North Carolina.
9780800000000Vernon, UrsulaHamster Princess: RatpunzelDial Books10/18/16580Ursula Vernon is a full-time author and illustrator and creator of the Dragonbreath series. Her work has won a Hugo Award and been nominated for an Eisner. She loves birding; gardening; and spunky heroines. She dislikes anything sparkly and thinks she would make a terrible princess.
9780400000000Vernon, UrsulaHamster Princess: WhiskerellaDial Books1/23/18600Ursula Vernon is a full-time author and illustrator whose work has won a Hugo Award and been nominated for an Eisner. She loves birding; gardening; and spunky heroines; and thinks she would make a terrible princess. Ursula lives with her husband in Pittsboro; North Carolina.
9780150000000Krull, KathleenHarvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar ChavezHoughton Mifflin3/1/03880YUYI MORALES is a promising new picture book illustrator. A native of Mexico; she now lives in San Francisco where she is pursuing a degree in creative writing and developing her career as an artist. She is also a puppet-maker and the host of a Spanish-language storytelling radio show.
9780390000000Winick, JuddHilo Book 1: The Boy Who Crashed to EarthRandom House Books for Young Readers9/1/15460JUDD WINICK grew up on Long Island; where he spent countless hours doodling; reading X-Men comics and the newspaper strip Bloom County; and watching Looney Tunes. Today; Judd lives in San Francisco with his wife; Pam Ling; their two kids; and their cat; Chaka. When Judd isn't collecting far more action figures and vinyl toys than a normal adult; he is a screenwriter and an award-winning cartoonist. Judd has scripted issues of bestselling comic series; including Batman; Green Lantern; Green Arrow
9780390000000Winick, JuddHilo Book 3: The Great Big BoomRandom House Books for Young Readers2/21/17210When we last left the protagonists of this series about alien Earth-visitor Hilo (in the second volume; Hilo: Saving the Whole Wide World; BCCB 4/16); Hilo's friend Gina had been sucked into a portal and Hilo and D.J.; his other friend; were determined to get her back. While they're working on that; Hilo's trying to regain his memories; D.J. is struggling to push past his fears and become a hero; and Polly the warrior cat is still being her irascible self with a smart mouth and a quick fist (fan
9781520000000Winick, JuddHilo Book 4: Waking the MonstersRandom House Books for Young Readers1/16/18200Praise for HILO

"More giant robotic ants and people going 'Aaaah!' than in the complete works of Jane Austen"--Neil Gaiman; bestselling author

"Every kid would love a pal like HILO; and every kid will love this book!" --Lincoln Peirce; bestselling author of the Big Nate series

"HILO is delightful; silly; tender; and most importantly: funny." --Jeff Smith; bestselling author of the Bone series

"Fast paced; furiously funny; and wil

9780690000000Howe, JamesHowliday InnAtheneum Books for Young Readers2/1/82630While their family is away; Harold and Chester; a dog and a cat; are boarded at Chateau Bow-Wow where Chester becomes increasingly alarmed by the strange behavior of his fellow guests and the sudden disappearance of one of them.
9780370000000White, Linda ArmsI Could Do That!: Esther Morris Gets Women the VoteFarrar Straus Giroux9/1/05780With lively text and humorous illustrations; this striking picture book biography shows how one girl's gumption propels her through a life filled with challenges until; in 1869; she wins the vote for women in Wyoming Territory--the first time ever in the United States. Full color. 40 pp. Ages 9-12. Pub. 9/05.
9780060000000Micklethwait, LucyI Spy Shapes in ArtGreenwillow Books8/10/0450Shape recognition and fine art once again intersect in Lucy Micklethwait's I Spy Shapes in Art. Of her earlier title; I Spy: An Alphabet in Art; PW wrote in a starred review; "Micklethwait has fashioned a remarkably rich investigation into the pleasures of looking at paintings." Here she demonstrates different shapes by highlighting 14 pieces of art from the likes of Matisse; O'Keeffe and Warhol (a Campbell's soup can illustrates "a cylinder"). While the "answer" is never difficult; the works of
9780550000000Tarshis, LaurenI Survived The American Revolution, 1776 (i Survived #15)Scholastic Paperbacks8/29/17660Tarshis tackles the American Revolution in the 15th installment of her groundbreaking; New York Times-bestselling I Survived series. 5 5/16 x 7 5/8.
9780550000000Tarshis, LaurenI Survived The Attacks Of September 11th, 2001Scholastic Press7/1/12630When Lucas decides to skip school because he wants to discuss football with a firefighter friend of his father; he finds himself caught up in the terrorist attacks on New York City.
9780550000000Tarshis, LaurenI Survived The Children's Blizzard, 1888Scholastic Paperbacks2/27/18630When John Hale's parents moved from Chicago to a farm in the Dakota Territory in the late 1880s; he was not happy (too hot in summer; too cold in winter; and that is just the beginning); but after a year; and now eleven; he has settled in and made some friends at school--but when a sunny day in January 1888 turns abruptly into a deadly blizzard he will need all his strength and courage to survive what became known to history as The Children's Blizzard.
9780550000000Tarshis, LaurenI Survived The Eruption Of Mount St. Helens, 1980Scholastic Paperbacks8/30/16640The mountain exploded with the power of ten million tons of dynamite...
9780550000000Tarshis, LaurenI Survived The Hindenburg Disaster, 1937 (i Survived #13)Scholastic Paperbacks2/23/16700The greatest flying machine ever built is about to crash...

For eleven-year-old Hugo Ballard; flying on the Hindenburg is a dream come true. Hugo; his parents; and his four-year-old sister; Gertie; are making the thrilling four-thousand-mile journey across the Atlantic in a zeppelin as big as the Titanic.

But as the zeppelin gets ready to land; a blast rocks the Hindenburg and fire consumes the ship. The entire disaster lasts a mere thirty-two seconds; but in those f

9780550000000Tarshis, LaurenI Survived The Joplin Tornado, 2011 (i Survived #12)Scholastic Paperbacks8/25/15710Praise for "I Survived The Battle of Gettysburg; 1863"
." . . Informative and breathlessly paced." -- "Kirkus Reviews"

Praise for "I Survived The Attacks of September 11; 2001"
"[Tarshis] crafts a dramatic; emotionally intense tale that takes account of 9/11's physical and emotional costs -- short- and long-term -- while ending on an upward beat." -- "Kirkus Reviews"

Praise for "I Survived The Sinking of the Titanic; 1912"
"The fast pace and intrinsically fascinating disaster s

9780400000000Kaufman Orloff, KarenI Wanna IguanaG.P. Putnam's Sons Books For Young Readers9/9/04580This epistolary picture book consists of an exchange of notes between a boy pleading to adopt a classmate's pet iguana and his apprehensive mother. Funny and true to life; the story (which has a happy ending) is amplified by Catrow's over-the-top illustrations; which portray a series of imagined scenarios; including a giant iguana riding a bike while playing a guitar. (Copyright 2005 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780320000000Harris, ChrisI'm Just No Good at Rhyming: And Other Nonsense for Mischievous Kids and Immature Grown-UpsLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers9/26/17630This debut poetry collection from TV writer and producer Harris (How I Met Your Mother) molds wit and wordplay; nonsense and oxymoron; and visual and verbal sleight-of-hand in masterful ways that make readers look at the world in a whole new wonderfully upside-down way. Full color.
9780810000000Grigsby, SusanIn the Garden with Dr. Carver
9780440000000Selznick, BrianInvention of Hugo CabretScholastic Press3/1/07820Selznick's "novel in words and pictures;" an intriguing mystery set in 1930s Paris about an orphan; a salvaged clockwork invention; and a celebrated filmmaker; resuscitates an anemic genre\emdash the illustrated novel\emdash and takes it to a whole new level. The result is somewhat similar to a graphic novel; but experiencing its mix of silvery pencil drawings and narrative interludes is ultimately more akin to watching a silent film. Indeed; movies and the wonder they inspire; "like seeing drea
9781600000000Barrows, AnnieIvy + BeanSpotlight (MN)8/1/11580When seven-year-old Bean plays a mean trick on her sister; she finds unexpected support for her antics from Ivy; the new neighbor; who is less boring than Bean first suspected.
9781600000000Barrows, AnnieIvy + Bean and the Ghost That Had to GoSpotlight (MN)8/1/11520Second-graders Ivy and Bean set out to expel the ghost who is living in the girls' bathroom at their school.
9781600000000Barrows, AnnieIvy + Bean Break the Fossil RecordSpotlight (MN)8/1/11600World record fever grips the second grade; and soon Ivy and Bean are trying to set their own record by becoming the youngest people to have ever discovered a dinosaur. But how hard is it to find one?
9781600000000Barrows, AnnieIvy + Bean Take Care of the BabysitterSpotlight (MN)8/1/11570When Bean's parents leave her in the care of her older sister Nancy for the afternoon; she enlists her neighbor and best friend Ivy to come over and teach Nancy how to be a really good babysitter.
9780430000000Dahl, RoaldJames and the Giant PeachPuffin Books9/6/16790When a mysterious old man gives James some magical; tiny green things; he certainly never imagines that they will grow into an enormous peach.
9780800000000Lester, JuliusJohn HenryDial Books10/1/94620With his two sledgehammers pulverizing boulders; John Henry races a steam drill tunneling through a mountain. It's a deadly contest of man-vs-machine written with such power that this African-American folk hero becomes as awesome as a force of nature; yet as familiar as an older brother. Pinkney's stunning art shows John Henry's energy bursting from nature. Full color. 40 pp. Ages 4-8. Pub: 10/94.
9780790000000Smith, LaneJohn, Paul, George & BenHyperion Books for Children4/1/06660With humor both broad and sly; Smith introduces the titular fab four (Hancock; Revere; Washington; and Franklin) as well as a fifth lad from the colonies; Tom (Jefferson); by defining each through a single trait and reinforcing that attribute with both historical references and funny fictional events. Back matter (titled "Taking Liberties") informs readers what's true and false in the book. (Copyright 2006 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780760000000McDonald, MeganJudy Moody Gets Famous!Candlewick Press (MA)2/9/10560When a third grade classmate gets her picture in the paper for winning a spelling bee; Judy is determined to find a way to become famous herself.;006-009.
9780760000000McDonald, MeganJudy Moody Saves the World!Candlewick Press (MA)2/9/10570This charming read features characteristically snappy; humorous prose; expressive; witty; black-and-white illustrations; and some great ideas for classroom or home projects.

The engaging tale is a triumph for Judy and her creator.
--Orlando Sentinel

The funny book affirms that kids everywhere can make a difference.
--Yellow Brick Road

JUDY MOODY SAVES THE WORLD! is cleverly written; and its heroine is an appealing and very real third grader.
--The Five Owls (st

9780760000000McDonald, MeganJudy Moody Was in a MoodCandlewick Press (MA)2/9/10530Third grader Judy Moody is in a first day of school bad mood until she gets an assignment to create a collage all about herself and begins creating her masterpiece; the Me collage.; 8; Lexile: 530.
9780690000000Johnson, AngelaJust Like Josh GibsonSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers1/1/04790When Grandmama was young; she could hit; run; and catch just like her idol; Negro League baseball player Josh Gibson; but she wasn't allowed to play on the boys' team. With thoughtful; understated text; Johnson captures a little girl's eventual triumph while inviting readers to consider the cost of exclusion based on race or gender. The atmospheric pastel illustrations bring the 1940s to life. (Copyright 2004 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780550000000Davies, JacquelineLemonade CrimeHoughton Mifflin5/2/11670When the boy who stole $200 from Jessie and Evan in The Lemonade War brags about his newly purchased Xbox; Jessie demands a trial; with her brother as plaintiff and herself as his lawyer. Davies again does a good job showing what motivates each character; depicting them with some shades of gray as they don't always live up to their own standards. (Copyright 2011 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780620000000Davies, JacquelineLemonade WarHoughton Mifflin4/1/07630With a clever blend of humor and math fun; this funny; fresh; and poignant novel about competing lemonade stands captures the one-of-a-kind bond between brother and sister; and subtly explores how arguments can escalate beyond anyone's intent. 192 pp. 5 1/2 x 7 3/4. (Available now)
9780970000000Sams, Carl R., IILost in the WoodsCarl R. Sams II Photography12/29/05530The creators of Stranger in the Woods; a bestselling photoessay spotlighting animals in a wintry forest; set this impressive follow-up in springtime. The primary focus is on a newborn fawn; first seen sleeping "in the tall grass on the north edge of the meadow where the trees start the forest." Other animals; photographed in stunning close-ups; wonder if the fawn is lost; but the creature responds; "Mama said to wait; to wait right here.... She will come back." A brilliantly hued cardinal; downy
9780060000000Creech, SharonLove That DogHarperCollins7/24/011010Sharon Creech has achieved more than one impressive feat here. --New York Times Book Review"
9780390000000Brown, JeffreyLucy & Andy NeanderthalCrown Books for Young Readers8/30/16380Jeffrey Brown is brilliant at creating characters you instantly adore. In Lucy & Andy Neanderthal; he tricks you into learning while making you feel like part of a delightful cave-dwelling family.
Brian Anderson creator of Dog eat Doug; and author of Monster Chefs "
9780390000000Brown, JeffreyLucy & Andy Neanderthal: The Stone Cold AgeCrown Books for Young Readers8/29/17460Grades 3-6 In the continuing adventures of Neanderthal siblings Lucy and Andy; their family is joined by a group of early humans; and as the cold weather sets in; the two groups struggle to comfortably live together in a too-small cave. While Lucy easily makes friends with the new kids; Andy's feeling chaffed by the close quarters; and he's eager to help the humans find a new cave to live in; though his reasons are far from altruistic. In between Brown's spot-on depiction of kid jealousies; brag
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Mad ScientistRandom House Books for Young Readers5/10/11440NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and Newbery Honor winning author Jennifer Holm teams up with Matthew Holm to bring you a fully illustrated graphic novel series packed with humor and kid appeal--BABYMOUSE!

With multiple Children's Choice awards and over 1.7 million books in print; kids; parents; and teachers agree that Babymouse is perfect for fans of Junie B. Jones; Ivy and Bean; Big Nate; Dork Diaries; and the Ramona chapter books!

The greatest scientific discovery of the 21st century is ab

9780540000000Davies, JacquelineMagic TrapHoughton Mifflin4/1/14680The fifth and last Lemonade War book is the most serious of the bunch. Twins Jessie and Evan's eccentric long-lost father shows up and volunteers to watch them while their mother travels for work. The children end up disappointed by his failings--and endangered when they're left alone during a hurricane. Davies handles the big issues with her reliably light touch. (Copyright 2014 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780760000000Gerstein, MordicaiMan Who Walked Between the TowersRoaring Brook Press9/5/03640This effectively spare; lyrical account chronicles Philippe Petit's tightrope walk between Manhattan's World Trade Center towers in 1974. Gerstein (What Charlie Heard) begins the book like a fairy tale; "Once there were two towers side by side. They were each a quarter of a mile high... The tallest buildings in New York City." The author casts the French aerialist and street performer as the hero: "A young man saw them rise into the sky.... He loved to walk and dance on a rope he tied between tw
9780790000000Rappaport, DoreenMartin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Jump at the Sun10/1/01610This picture-book biography provides an ideal introduction to this leader and his works. Juxtaposing original text with quotes from King's writing and speeches; Rappaport's (Escape from Slavery) narrative offers a pastiche of scenes from King's life; beginning with his childhood experience of seeing "White Only" signs sprinkled throughout his hometown. He questions his mother about their meaning; and she assures him; "You are as good as anyone." Listening to his father preach; the boy asserts th
9780550000000Sachar, LouisMarvin Redpost #1: Kidnapped at Birth?Random House Books for Young Readers8/4/15520This chapter book series by Newbery Honor-winning and bestselling author Louis Sachar features one hilariously overactive imagination!
Marvin Redpost has never felt like he fits in with his family. So when he hears a news report about a missing prince who looks just like him; he knows exactly what happened. Now all he has to do is tell Mr. and Mrs. Redpost that it's time for him to move in with his real parents at the castle....
Hilarious and relatable; Marvin Redpost is perfect
9780670000000Scieszka, JonMath CurseViking Books for Young Readers10/1/95560Whew! This latest whimsical work from Scieszka and Smith (The True Story of the Three Little Pigs; The Stinky Cheese Man) is bound to stretch out the old thinking cap. The day after her teacher announces; "You know; you can think of almost everything as a math problem;" the narrator is afflicted with a "math curse" that affects how she views every facet of her day ("Everything seems to be a problem"). A minimum of the questions she asks herself are entirely logical ("How many quarts are in a gal
9780670000000Dahl, RoaldMatildaViking Books for Young Readers10/1/88840Matilda is an extraordinarily gifted four-year-old whose parentsa crass; dishonest used-car dealer and a self-centered; blowsy bingo addictregard her as "nothing more than a scab." Life with her beastly parents is bearable only because Matilda teaches herself to read; finds the public library; and discovers literature. Also; Matilda loves using her lively intelligence to perpetrate daring acts of revenge on her father. This pastime she further develops when she enrolls in Crunchem Hall Primary S
9780690000000Cazet, DenysMinnie & Moo and the Seven Wonders of the WorldAtheneum Books11/1/03430Two cows try to save their farm by creating seven wonders and asking the other animals for donations to see them; but there is a wondrous and frightening creature in the woods that could foil the plan.
9780760000000DiCamillo, KateMiraculous Journey of Edward TulaneCandlewick Press (MA)2/14/06700The Newbery Medal-winning author of The Tale of Despereaux returns with this story about a toy china rabbit named Edward Tulane. When he becomes lost; Edward takes an extraordinary journey and shows readers a true miracle. Illustrations. 228 pp. (Children's; Ages 4-8)
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Monster MashRandom House Books for Young Readers8/26/08510NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and Newbery Honor winning author Jennifer Holm teams up with Matthew Holm to bring you a fully illustrated graphic novel series packed with humor and kid appeal--BABYMOUSE!

With multiple Children's Choice awards and over 1.7 million books in print; kids; parents; and teachers agree that Babymouse is perfect for fans of Junie B. Jones; Ivy and Bean; Big Nate; Dork Diaries; and the Ramona chapter books!

It was a dark and scary Halloween. . . .
This ye

9780790000000Weatherford, Carole BostonMoses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to FreedomJump at the Sun9/1/06660Weatherford's poetic telling and Nelson's atmospheric paintings of Tubman's role in the Underground Railroad portray the spiritual life of the African American visionary. From her days as a slave to her life as a free person; three narrative voices (a third-person narrator; Harriet herself; and God's words to Harriet) make clear that it was Tubman's faith that sustained her on the freedom journeys. (Copyright 2007 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9781630000000Morris, ChadMustaches for MaddieShadow Mountain10/3/17560Grades 4-6 Twelve-year-old Maddie may or may not be friends with popular Cassie. Maddie may or may not get the coveted role of Juliet in the class play. Maddie's friends may or may not get her sense of humor; creative flights of imagination; or penchant for fake mustaches. Maddie may or may not admit to having something weird going on with her right arm; leg; and now eye. But it is definite when the neurologist says Maddie has a brain tumor and needs surgery; and that the surgery might change he
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Babymouse #4: Rock StarRandom House Books for Young Readers9/26/06480NEW YORK TIMES bestselling and Newbery Honor winning author Jennifer Holm teams up with Matthew Holm to bring you a fully illustrated graphic novel series packed with humor and kid appeal--BABYMOUSE!

With multiple Children's Choice awards and over 1.7 million books in print; kids; parents; and teachers agree that Babymouse is perfect for fans of Junie B. Jones; Ivy and Bean; Big Nate; Dork Diaries; and the Ramona chapter books!

Move over Mozart!
Babymouse has music in her sou

9780690000000Ada, Alma FlorMy Name Is Maria Isabel (Repackage)Atheneum Books for Young Readers4/30/93860Well-known author Alma Flor Ada explores a problem and theme common among children in multicultural settings. Maria Isabel is hurt when her teacher decides to call her Mary to distinguish her from two other Marias in the class. Maria is proud of her name and heritage and must find a way to make her teacher understand."
9780690000000Howe, JamesNighty-NightmareAtheneum Books for Young Readers4/30/87680When scary strangers appear at the Monroes' overnight campsite; Chester the cat tries to convince the family's two dogs that foul play is intended.
9781630000000Burcaw, ShaneNot So Different: What You Really Want to Ask about Having a DisabilityRoaring Brook Press11/7/17860Grades 1-4 Shane Burcaw was born with a disease called spinal muscular atrophy (SMA); which means he uses a wheelchair and is just a little different. Here Shane openly invites the questions readers may have about him and other people with disabilities (Go ahead; ask me). The questions are posed in stark black-and-white speech bubbles on each pageWhat's wrong with you? How do you do things? Can you climb stairs?and answered with blunt clarity and humor. Shane explains how SMA has affected his bo
9780440000000Wood, DouglasOld Turtle and the Broken TruthScholastic Press10/1/03620This profoundly moving fable is an inspirational companion to the timeless beauty of Old Turtle; in which a young girl seeks the wisdom of the ancient Old Turtle to help her people. Full color. 64 pp. Size: 9 x 10. Pub. 9/03. (Children's; Ages 4-8)
9780380000000Hamilton, VirginiaPeople Could Fly: The Picture BookAlfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers11/9/04480This title story from the late Virginia Hamilton's brilliant collection of American black folktales "The People Could Fly" is now reissued as a stand-alone picture book; handsomely illustrated in full color. The Dillons; who also illustrated the original collection; fill the book with powerful images. (Copyright 2005 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Queen of the World!Random House Books for Young Readers12/27/05470With multiple Children's Choice Awards and over 1.8 million books sold; kids; parents; and teachers agree that Babymouse is perfect for fans of Junie B. Jones; Ivy and Bean; Bad Kitty; and Dork Diaries!

Meet Babymouse--Her dreams are big! Her imagination is wild! Her whiskers are ALWAYS a mess! In her mind; she's Queen of the World! In real life...she's not even Queen of the lunch table.

NEW YORK TIMES bestselling; three-time Newbery Honor winning author Jennifer Holm teams up with Matth

9780060000000Cleary, BeverlyRamona Quimby, Age 8HarperCollins1/26/16860The further adventures of the Quimby family as Ramona enters the third grade.
9780690000000Howe, JamesReturn to Howliday InnAtheneum Books3/28/92690When the stars of Bunnicula; Howliday Inn and The Celery Stalks at Midnight return to Chateau Bow-Wow; they're in for their most fur-raising adventure yet. There are some strange goings on at the "guest home" for pets; and Horold; Chester; Howie; and the inn's other guests are up to their trembling noses in suspense. 10 illustrations. 22;500 print.
9780370000000Gantos, JackRotten Ralph Feels RottenFarrar Straus Giroux9/8/04630Rotten Ralph comes to appreciate Sarah's healthy cat food after he gets sick from eating out of trash cans.
9780060000000Silverstein, ShelRunny Babbit: A Billy SookHarperCollins1/6/15The legendary creator of Where the Sidewalk Ends welcomes readers to the world of Runny Babbit and his friends Toe Jurtle; Skertie Gunk; Rirty Dat; Dungry Hog; Snerry Jake; and many others who speak a topsy-turvy language all their own. ( Ages 9-12)
9780690000000Jordan, RoslynSalt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a DreamSimon & Schuster Books for Young Readers11/1/00630Young Michael Jordan; who is smaller than the other players; learns that determination and hard work are more important than size when playing the game of basketball.
9780690000000Howe, JamesScared SillyAtheneum Books8/1/05590When the Monroes go trick-or-treating; their pets--dogs Harold and Howie; cat Chester; and (vampire) rabbit Bunnicula--stay behind. Then a witch arrives and takes Bunnicula into the kitchen to concoct a witch's brew. Although the other pets are afraid of the vampire bunny; they're determined to save him from the witch. The comical story is filled with eerie twists and misunderstandings. (Copyright 2006 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780670000000Scieszka, JonScience VerseViking Books for Young Readers9/23/04What if a boring lesson about the food chain becomes a sing-aloud celebration about predators and prey? Only the amazing talents of John Scieszka and Lane Smith; the team who created Math Curse; could make science so much fun. 40 pp. plus ends. Size: 10 3/4 x 11. 150;000 print. (Children's; Ages 4-8)
9780550000000Say, AllenSilent Days, Silent DreamsArthur A. Levine Books10/31/17790James Castle was born two months premature on September 25; 1899; on a farm in Garden Valley; Idaho. He was deaf; mute; autistic; and probably dyslexic. He didn't walk until he was four; he would never learn to speak; write; read; or use sign language.

Yet; today Castle's artwork hangs in major museums throughout the world. The Philadelphia Museum of Art opened "James Castle: A Retrospective" in 2008. The 2013 Venice Biennale included eleven works by Castle in the feature exhibition
9780060000000Brown, JeffStanley, Flat Again!HarperCollins2/18/03480Youngsters will welcome the return of favorite characters in an array of beginning chapter books. Stanley Lambchop deflates once more in Stanley; Flat Again; the sixth title in the series by Jeff Brown; illus. by Scott Nash. Whereas the hero flew as a kite in Flat Stanley; here he serves as a spinnaker to win a sailboat race. When a building collapses; he slips beneath the wreckage to save a classmate just before it tumbles down. A paperback version of Flat Stanley; also with illustrations by Na
9780320000000Torres, JenniferStef Soto, Taco QueenLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers1/17/17780When new regulations threaten to shut down her father's unsightly food truck; Tma Perla; Stef at first thinks it isn't the worst thing in the world. Torres captures what it's like to be a young person seeking independence and breathes life into the old food truck; which becomes another character. Young readers will feel a kinship with Stef in this engaging and relatable novel. (Copyright 2017 by The Horn Book; Incorporated; Boston. All rights reserved.)
9780060000000Watson, TomStick Cat: Cats in the CityHarperCollins4/25/17580While admiring the view of the city from his friend Edith's apartment; Stick Cat notices that Hazel; the bagel maker; is in danger across the alley; and he devises a plan to rescue her.
9780060000000Watson, TomStick Cat: Two Catch a ThiefHarperCollins10/3/17560The third hilarious book from the creator of the bestselling Stick Dog series featuring Stick Cat and his incomparable sidekick; Edith; as they try to catch a thief. Illustrations. 5 1/2 x 8 5/16.
9780060000000Watson, TomStick DogHarperCollins1/8/13710Stick Dog and his four friendsÑStripes; Mutt; Poo-Poo; and KarenÑwill do anything to steal some sweet-smelling hamburgers from a family at Picasso Park. Illustrations. 5 1/2 x 8 1/4.
9780060000000Watson, TomStick Dog Craves CandyHarperCollins7/25/17650Stick Dog and the gang are on the hunt for food when they see children dressed up as creepy witches and spooky ghosts; all carrying big orange buckets. Their search leads them to something unexpected--and delicious--in the seventh installment of this series. Illustrations. 5 1/2 x 8 5/16.
9780060000000Watson, TomStick Dog Slurps SpaghettiHarperCollins10/4/16580When they come across spaghetti in their search for a tug-of-war rope; Stick Dog and his hungry friends go on a quest for more pasta that sees them scale their suburb's tallest mountain and sneak into a restaurant filled with humans.
9780690000000Gardiner, John ReynoldsStone FoxHarperCollins2/1/05610Little Willy has a big job to do. When his grandfather falls ill; it is up to Willy alone to save their farm from the tax collector. But where can a ten-year-old get five hundred dollars in a hurry? Then Willy sees the poster for the National Dogsled Race.

The race pits Willy against the best dog teams in the country; including the Indian Stone Fox and his five beautiful Samoyeds; who have never lost a race. And Stone Fox wants the prize money as badly as Willy does. Willy's dog; Searchlight;

9780060000000White, E. B.Stuart LittleHarperCollins2/1/05920This is the first children's book by the distinguished author; E. B. White. Stuart Little; the hero; is a mouse in the family of the Frederick C. Littles and is a pleasantly debonair little character; with a shy; engaging manner and a somewhat philosophical turn of mind. He is a great help around the house; and everybody except Snowbell the cat likes him a great deal. In spite of his small size; Stuart gets around a good bit in the world; riding a Fifth Avenue bus with some aplomb; racing (and w
9780550000000Holm, Jennifer L.Sunny Side UpGraphix8/25/15490Sunny Lewin has been packed off to Florida to live with her grandfather for the summer. At first she thought Florida might be fun -- it is the home of Disney World; after all. But the place where Gramps lives is no amusement park. It's full of . . . old people. Really old people.

Luckily; Sunny isn't the only kid around. She meets Buzz; a boy who is completely obsessed with comic books; and soon they're having adventures of their own: facing off against golfball-ea
9780550000000Holm, Jennifer L.Swing It, SunnyGraphix9/12/17480Sunny Lewin returns in a second graphic novel episode; which picks up in summer of 1976; shortly after her trip to Florida in Sunny Side Up (BCCB 10/15). She's bedeviled by allergies and middle school; and she wishes her mother had a little more time to spend on her; her grandfather's visits give her an opportunity to question and vent; though; and she and her BFF are still on the same comfortingly familiar page. The hovering cloud in her sky is her older brother Dale; who has been sent off to a
9780760000000DiCamillo, KateTale of Despereaux: Being the Story of a Mouse, a Princess, Some Soup, and a Spool of ThreadCandlewick Press (MA)8/25/03670The author of Because of Winn-Dixie and The Tiger Rising here shifts gears; demonstrating her versatility while once again proving her genius for mining the universal themes of childhood. Her third novel calls to mind Henry Fielding's Tom Jones; DiCamillo's omniscient narrator assumes a similarly irreverent yet compassionate tone and also addresses readers directly. Despereaux; the diminutive mouse hero ("The last mouse born to his parents and the only one of his litter to be born
9780530000000Blume, JudyTales of a Fourth Grade NothingDutton Books for Young Readers9/30/02470Peter finds his demanding two-year-old brother an ever increasing problem.
9780400000000Polacco, PatriciaThank You, Mr. FalkerPhilomel Books5/4/98650Reinforced binding--Jacket.;At first; Trisha loves school; but her difficulty learning to read makes her feel dumb; until; in the fifth grade; a new teacher helps her understand and overcome her problem.
9780400000000Schwartz and WadeThat is my Dram, Langston Hughes
9780400000000Polacco, P.The Junkyard Wonders
9780400000000Martin, RafeThe Rough Faced Girl
9780060000000Peirce, LincolnBig Nate: In a Class by HimselfHarperCollins3/23/10500Though Nate may not achieve the fame he seeks with his classmates; this sharp-witted and unflappable protagonist just might find it with readers. --Publishers Weekly"
9781570000000Durango, JuliaUnder the Mambo MoonCharlesbridge Publishing7/1/11840Poems.; Marisol loves helping her father out on Friday nights in his music shop as their neighbors stop by to visit and listen to their favorite dance music from their home countries..
9780390000000Jones, KellyUnusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry FarmerAlfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers5/12/15880Through a series of letters; Sophie Brown; age twelve; tells of her family's move to her Great Uncle Jim's farm; where she begins taking care of some unusual chickens with help from neighbors and friends.
9780540000000Yan Glaser, KarinaVanderbeekers of 141st StreetHoughton Mifflin10/3/17810Told that they will have to move out of their Harlem brownstone just after Christmas; the five Vanderbeeker children; ages four to twelve; decide to change their reclusive landlord's mind.
9781420000000Clements, AndrewWe the ChildrenAtheneum Books for Young Readers4/6/10860When Massachusetts sea captain Duncan Oakes established a school at the end of the eighteenth century; he foresaw a time when it would come under some sort of attack; and he was right. Real estate developers; in cahoots with the town council and Oakes' heirs; have done an end run around Oakes' will; and they are planning to tear down the harborside building and use the land for an amusement park. Like most kids; Benjamin Pratt initially welcomed that idea; but since the school janitor died after
9780060000000Selfors, SuzanneWedgie & GizmoKatherine Tegen Books8/22/17550While his human Elliot adjusts to his new home and stepfamily; Gizmo; an evil genius guinea pig; searches for a new evil lair where he can plot to take over the world; but Gizmo is constantly thwarted by Elliot's little stepsister Jasmine (who likes to play dress-up); Abuela (who may or may not like to eat cavies); and Wedgie (a Corgi superhero and Gizmo's nemesis).
9780320000000Brown, PeterWild RobotLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers4/5/16740When five shipping crates from a doomed ship crash ashore on a deserted island; only one of them -- containing our robot protagonist -- is lucky enough to survive undamaged. ROZZUM unit 7134 quickly switches herself on; announces that "you may call me Roz;" and begins this unlikeliest of Robinsonades. Luckily; Roz has been designed to teach herself and thus gradually acclimates herself to life in the wild among the island's creatures; who themselves must adjust to her. While Brown is honest abou
9780320000000Brown, PeterWild Robot EscapesLittle, Brown Books for Young Readers3/13/18The last time readers saw Roz (ROZZUM robot unit 7134); in Brown's The Wild Robot (BCCB 4/16); she was being carried away by airships from the island and the animals she loved (including her adopted goose son Brightbill) to fulfill her original purpose as a helpmate for humans. Now she's working on Hilltop Farm; and while the Shareefs are a kind family who treat her well; she longs to return to the island and her adopted son. Luckily for her; the tender-hearted Shareef children are willing to he
9780380000000Holm, Jennifer L.Extreme BabymouseRandom House Books for Young Readers1/22/13510It seems that everyone at school has taken up snowboarding; so Babymouse decides she must hit the slopes; too.