Cleveland Schools Book Fund

Aaron Slater, Illustrator by Andrea Beaty

Sneak Peek from the Publisher

For Teachers

Click here to take an interactive STEAM activity and resource generator quiz, designed just for teachers.

Everyone can be an artist with Aaron!

Extras! From our Teacher Enrichment Workshop

Download worksheets that go along with the book:

Let’s Color!

Express Yourself!

Be a Questioneer. 

For Families

Visit your local library to check out this book or watch the video above to spark creative story ideas at home! 


  • Invite your young reader to draw a colorful garden like the one where Aaron enjoyed listening to stories with his family.

  • Click here to listen and watch this story being read aloud.

  • Ask your child to write a story, like Aaron, using pictures or words.  

  • Ask your child to read or act out their story for you and other family members. 

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