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Books & Butterflies: Migrating Monarch Butterflies are placed on the endangered species list

The International Union for Conservation of Nature, a conservation organization based in Switzerland, has added migratory monarch butterflies to the endangered species list.  The number of migratory monarchs has declined dramatically in the past ten years. Reasons for the decline: Urban sprawl destroys forested and meadow areas destroying butterfly habitat and their migratory stops Pesticide and herbicide use Severe and unusual weather in 2010 Migratory butterflies begin their journey in the eastern portion of North America and work their way to the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico.  They then return to areas of the United States and Canada to breed.

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Teachers! This summer reading list is for you.

Featured image credit John Spencer, | You don’t have to be a martyr to do student-centered learning Everywhere you look, someone is publishing an article or news story about teacher stress and teacher burn-out. What can we do for the teachers!?!?!?! Hands wringing and brows furrowed, everyone is worried that the profession is at-risk.  But this kind of doomsday thinking doesn’t give professional educators nearly enough credit. Teachers are a tough, resilient, and street-savvy lot. They can problem-solve with the best engineers, mediate disputes like the best arbitrators, understand childhood like the best developmental psychologists, and they have mastered

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Summer Reading Suggestion: Butterflies Belong Here by Deborah Hopkinson

Children are natural-born activists. Their young minds are full of the kind of questions and curiosity that it takes to solve problems, and they haven’t yet gained the sense of overwhelm that adults have when it comes to big issues. Butterflies Belong Here:  A Story of One Idea, Thirty Kids and a World of Butterflies is a heart-warming story of transformation and conservation featuring a young girl whose family has recently immigrated to America. The book’s author, Deborah Hopkinson, shared the story behind the story in a Teaching Books meet-the-author interview: This book “grew out of my own interest in

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Fun Summer Activities to Help Develop Reading Skills

When it comes to summer learning, reading together is a wonderful way to help your child grow. But there’s much more you can do to help a child develop literacy skills – all while sharing in summertime fun!   The Natural World   At the beach Have children write their names in wet sand with a stick or toy shovel or challenge them to a game of beach tic-tac-toe. Kids develop fine motor skills when physically using a writing utensil like a pencil or pen, rather than just hunting and pecking on a computer keyboard. Collect colorful beach glass in

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A Joyful Return: The Cleveland Schools Book Fund

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Announcing the joyful return of the Cleveland Schools Book Fund! We are back, and we are ready to put books into the hands of our Cleveland Metropolitan School District educators and scholars. While life and school may not be back to normal, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a good book! We are building a beautiful new website with new resources, lesson plans and ideas for teachers. Coming Soon! Teacher professional learning – “Finding Joy – Art, Music and Stories” is coming (virtually) to you on March 30, 2022, 4:30-6:00 pm. Click here to

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Teacher Enrichment | Finding Joy: Art, Music & Stories!

If you missed our March 2022 teacher professional development workshop, you can still view the presentation below! Finding Joy – Art, Music and Stories! by Patricia Barto Click here for links to more ideas, resources and activities to do with your students! 

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