Cleveland Schools Book Fund

Happy New Year, Teachers! Let’s Make This The Year of the Reader


The start of a new school year means a new group of students to get to know, work with, and watch grow over the next year. There is so much to do and so much to accomplish!   As educators, we keep hearing about the need to catch up after the pandemic — to close achievement gaps and help students regain their academic footing after the pandemic.

Research shows that reading is key to academic success. Unlike speech, which is developmental, children learn to read through a good curriculum and by developing a love of books! Cleveland Metropolitan Schools has a strong curriculum — and The Cleveland Schools Book Fund is proud to help your students build a lasting love of books and reading.

We are your partners in making CMSD students enthusiastic readers!

If you are a CMSD teacher in PreK – 4th grade, stay tuned for an invitation to participate in our professional learning opportunities in the fall and spring. During these events, teachers receive a set of high-quality classroom books in addition to the CEUs for course material.


By partnering with Cleveland Schools Book Fund, you can set up your classroom with 150 professionally selected, brand-new hardback fiction books. A list of our hardback books that are available for classrooms can be viewed here.


Helping your students build a love of reading and their home library is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Read one of our recommended high-quality classroom books with your students. The list of hardcover books that we make available for classrooms is available via this link. 

  2. Complete a classroom activity so that each student can share their reflections on the book. Here is a link to sample graphic organizers you can use to get started.

  3. Submit scans of your student “book reports” to the Cleveland Schools Book Fund. This link is for the contact form where you can upload your files. 

  4. Cleveland Schools Book Fund will send you a paperback copy of the book for each student to take home and enjoy!


Visit our website for “book report” ideas and graphic organizers. Make sure to follow us on Facebook (click link to Facebook) and Instagram (link to Instagram) to keep track of updates to our website and book lists.

Happy New Year, Cleveland teachers, students and families. Let’s make it the Year of the Reader!