Cleveland Schools Book Fund

A Note to My Friends and Colleagues from CMSD

Welcome to the new and expanded Cleveland Schools Book Fund website! We are so excited to share this with you! This marks a new era for the Cleveland Schools Book Fund!

The Cleveland Schools Book Fund began with the simple, yet profound commitment to insure that each and every student in the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools early childhood grades would have an ample
supply of high quality, hardback fiction books in their classrooms. Our founder Stephen Morris envisioned the Cleveland Schools Book Fund as a support to Cleveland Metropolitan School District teachers and a service to the children in their classrooms. And it is!

Fifteen years later, the Cleveland Schools Book Fund is going strong, and has expanded to include:

  • opportunities for teachers to come together and share ideas for using the Book Fund resources
  • opportunities for students to build a home library
  • opportunities to engage students directly with authors and illustrators

In short, the Cleveland Schools Book Fund exists to build a life-long love of reading!

So I invite you to look around, try the videos and materials, write for the blog, send ideas to post, ask
questions, make suggestions … and above all, use the Cleveland Schools Book Fund resources to engage and delight our youngest learners! Let me know what you think!

Dr. Sharon A. Brown
Director, Center for Excellence and Innovation
Director, Cleveland Schools Book Fund
College of Education and Human Services, CSU


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