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Summer Fun = Summer Learning in Cleveland

The sun is shining and Cleveland kids are counting down the days until summer! Meanwhile, educators everywhere are concerned about the impact of time lost from learning. Below are some of the best ways parents and caregivers can prevent the “summer slide” while still enjoying the time off from school. And we’ve also included a download you can print and send home in backpacks.  


  1. Enroll your child in the CMSD Summer Learning Experience. Registration is open now. This is an interactive, fun time for kids — and it was designed to let students enjoy time with their friends while developing curiosity and core knowledge that will set them up for success next year at school. 


  1. Cook together. —  Bring your child into the kitchen and practice measurements, counting, and reading ingredients from recipes or nutrition labels. Enjoy the science of cooking. Ask questions about how ingredients work together and let your child get curious about the fun of baking soda and vinegar. These skills will reinforce the educational concepts they need to thrive at school.


  2. Take field trips. — Cleveland is so lucky to have free admission to many of our world-class museums. Here is a link to 10 free museums in Cleveland, and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is free on Mondays for Cuyahoga County families. Kids learn when they are “doing” any activity. The more you talk, read, and explore this summer, the more equipped your children will be for school success. 


  1. Read. Talk. Read. — Adults are reading all day long. From text messages to the signs along the roadside. Open up the reading experience to your child by sharing books and magazines. Let them help read a text from family members. Read out loud the signs you can see from the freeway. Kids who engage in conversation and hear a variety of words often become early readers. Even if they are not reading yet, talking and reading with your child helps them make connections between letters, words, and sounds. 


  1. Play games! — Ask your child’s teacher for a list of their sight words. Place them on index cards or post-it notes around the house. Make these activities fun, brief, frequent, and joyful. Stop if it’s not fun. You can even attach the sight words to magnets and keep them posted on the fridge. Help your child make silly sentences or word groups to keep the energy light and playful. 


Whichever activities you choose, remember to keep learning fun! 


Kids are born with curiosity and readiness to learn. Their brains are growing constantly. Sometimes our grown-up worries and expectations can get in the way, making learning more serious than it needs to be. Summer is the perfect time to get in touch with your inner child and let your son or daughter lead the way