Cleveland Schools Book Fund

Fall Updates & A Winter Reading Challenge

As the holiday season approaches, the Cleveland Schools Book Fund has exciting updates to share and plans to keep students reading all winter long!

Leadership Transitions

Cleveland Schools Book Fund (CSBF) has been very busy as we transition leadership roles in several ways. The Dean of the College of Education has changed, and our Colleges of Education and Urban Affairs have merged to form the new Levin College of Public Affairs and Education. During this transition, Dr. Marius Boboc, former Vice Provost and current Chair of Teacher Education, is the Board Chair of CSBF. 

Cleveland Metropolitan School District has a new CEO, Dr. Warren Morgan, and new leadership in several key roles in the district. As Dr. Morgan gets to know the District and set his priorities, he has appointed Elizabeth Nelson, Interim Deputy Chief of Teaching and Learning, and Gloriane Smith, Early Learning/ELA Manager PK-5, to represent the District on our board. Their experience and insights will be instrumental during this transitional time. 

In addition, Cuyahoga Community College has new leadership, as our former Board Chair and CEO of CMSD is now serving as Senior Vice President of Student Development and Education Pipeline. Thankfully, the Book Fund will continue to benefit from his long history in Cleveland schools and community as he serves an Emeritus role on the board.  Our board and staff remain strong and fully committed to putting high-quality books and stories into the hands and hearts of CMSD students. 

Other transitions are underway as CMSD renovates the District Warehouse on East 55th Street. We have removed our last hardback sets of books from the warehouse, and we will restock them on an as-needed basis until the renovation is complete.

If you need hardback books for your classroom, please contact me directly, as there may be delays. 

Amidst these transitions, planning for our annual fall professional development opportunities did not occur. But we will be back with a great program in February! 

Books Home for the Holidays

CMSD winter break (Dec. 23 – Dec. 31) and more time indoors for our students are fast approaching! 

Let’s help build personal home libraries for the holidays! Visit the paperback book list collections and let us know if you can’t find something you’d like to provide for your class. 

10 Book Winter Reading Challenge

Students who read 10 books over Winter Break will be eligible for a special surprise. Help us cheer on these enthusiastic readers by sending them home with books this holiday season! 

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