Cleveland Schools Book Fund

4 Simple Steps: Home Library Building

For over 15 years, the Cleveland Schools Book Fund has been putting great children’s literature in the Pre-K through 4th-grade classrooms of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. 

We also provide CMSD teachers with paperback copies of our books so that students can deepen their learning and enjoy books at home, too! 

Step One: Read with your class

Select any book from the Cleveland Schools Book Fund carefully curated book lists on our website. Our paperback list has over 400 hundred of kids’ (and teachers) favorite books to choose from! 

Purchase or borrow a hard cover copy of the book from the library.
Read the book with your class. Discuss it. Share your ideas and insights.
Encourage connection with other learning.

Our approved paperback book includes suggested reading levels and a summary of each title to help you find titles your students will enjoy. 

Click here for the book lists.

Step Two: Students Create "Book Reports"

Each student in your class designs their own version of a book report, based on the book you shared with them. Book reports can be as creative or simple as meets the needs and learning level of your class. Visit the Cleveland Schools Book Fund on Facebook and Instagram or attend an upcoming teacher development program for ideas.

Feel free to download and use our sample graphic organizers shared by other CMSD teachers. Click here for sample graphic organizers.

Step Three: Send Us the Book Reports

Visit our contact page. 

Fill out the contact form and make sure to include your school information and class size. Upload the book reports from your phone or computer using the “select files” button. 

PLEASE NOTE: If your scanned files are large, you may need fill out the form twice. Try to keep file sizes small, PDF images are easier than photos directly from your phone.

Click here for a link to the submission form. 

Step Four: Free Books for Home!

Once you’ve submitted the book reports, Dr. Sharon Brown, executive director, will confirm the details and your class size. 

Then, we will prepare a package with a paperback copy of the book for every child. Your package of books will be delivered directly to school. Then you can pass them out to your students to enjoy at home. It really is that easy!