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Cleveland Kids are Super Readers

2019, a new year and time to reflect on ways to increase your student’s learning.

Let’s start by rethinking how you use your Cleveland Schools Book Fund classroom library. The authors of Every Child a Super Reader (Pam Allyn & Ernest Morrell) recommend changing classroom libraries at least three times a year. By dusting off your bookcases and cycling different books, it gives students a library that grows with them and supports your current curriculum topics. In your Cleveland Schools Book Fund collection you have award-winning books that: promote social and emotional development, ignite wonder and curiosity about a variety of topics, build vocabulary and literacy skills across the content areas.

Log on to our newly revised Cleveland Schools Book Fund website to discover recommended books, reviews, resources, and activities to engage your students and their families. Students can even earn their own copy of come of their favorite books.

Come join us at our next Early Childhood Network meeting if you’re interested in collaborating and sharing with other early childhood teachers. This is a fantastic professional development opportunity that includes collegiality, fun literacy activities, and even food! You’ll learn about the latest trends in literacy. You’ll be introduced to exciting new fiction and non-fiction books. You’ll be provided with supporting resources and engaging activities that you can use in your classrooms. Sue Kirchner will update you on free new resources you can check out from the Cuyahoga County Public Libraries. It’s time well spent! Let’s make this a year where together we help our students discover the joy of reading and learning with Cleveland Schools Book Fund books and resources!


Patricia A. Barto
Cleveland Schools Book Fund
Literacy Consultant & Early Childhood Network Facilitator

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